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Improve Your Diet to Improve Your Relationships With People Places and Things

Did you know that there are people who believe that they can have a healthy relationship while having an unhealthy diet? Well let’s first answer the question, what is a healthy relationship? I know you are interested in that one! Then we will answer the question what is a healthy diet?

What is a healthy relationship? Relationships are simple to explain. A relationship with someone or something means the way in which we interact with that person or thing.

The result of the interaction is what determines rather that relationship is a healthy one or not. By healthy I mean, what benefit do you get from the results of the interaction? 

I have a few questions you can ask yourself to determine rather or not a relationship is healthy.

Health pertains to increasing your life span. So my first question is definitely;

  1. Does interaction within this relationship increase your vitality? Simply put, has this person or place or thing helped you to live longer or improved your quality of life?
  2. Does interaction in this relationship give you a since of well-being, as if to say everything is okay?
  3. Does interaction in this relationship move you closer to your goals in life?
  4. How much do you or have you learned during your interaction? (life, yourself, inside and outside)
  5. What does the big picture look like? At times it is difficult to see the smaller things but in evenly spaced intervals step back and ask yourself, throughout the life of this relationship have I changed for the better?

Answering these 5 questions will put your interaction in to perspective for you really quickly and easily. The answer to every single one of these questions should be YES!!! In the case that all of your answers are not a yes understand that the interaction should be discontinued until the answer becomes a yes.

Now I know you may be wondering what does that have to do with my diet? Well the truth is you can not have a healthy relationship if you do not have healthy practices yourself. I have even heard I don’t need to change my diet I just need to detox from people and I could not believe it because anyone that is currently in Your life…you have attracted them to your life. If you are not healthy you will not attract anything healthy. There should be no question why people are in your life or anything for that matter because you put them there. So you are totally responsible for the experience that you are having with this person, place, or thing because a relationship is about how you relate to another person, place, or thing.

Still don’t see how that relates to your diet? 

Your diet is what you consume daily. If your diet is not healthy the first relationship that should be repaired is the one you have with yourself. What you consume is directly correlated the health of the relationship you have with yourself. What does this mean? Well what do you consume? Refer back to those five healthy relationship questions and determine if your relationship with yourself is healthy and therefore the standards you have by which you choose to nourish yourself will be affected by the answers.

Our society promotes the consumption of meat (living things that have been forced into slavery and eventually a mass genocide, that themselves have a diet of chemicals before the untimely death occurs). How could that be life sustaining without consequences? So, yes you get protein from the meat however what else do you get? You consume an enslaved being..a living thing forced into submission will secrete the same chemicals of stress and anxiety. You can look at your dog and know that as a mammal we all have the ability to experience fear so why would we be so naive to think we could participate in that particular cycle of turmoil and pain and it not Express itself further in our bodies and in our minds and through the decisions that we continue to make even down to deciding to take the bite knowing what pain it originates. That’s like purchasing a slave and ignoring the fact that slavery is wrong anytime and pretending that you are not participating in the perpetual slavery! With that being said the consumption of an animals by products would also carry the same energy and still be classified as the same participation of that karmatic cycle of pain!

Consuming meat is just one decision we make to eat or not to eat but there are benefits and side affects for almost everything that we do. When reading “Mans Higher Consciousness”by Hilton Hotema (a wonderful work that was written to document longevity that has been achieved with the human race. There are accounts in this book that reference people living to 150, 256, even 350 years of age. Some of whom do consume flesh. Which suggests that longevity has do to not just with ones diet but the toxicity in the body and environment as well.

This book is a must read!!  Scroll down to purchase your copy and start your journey to health with a new relationship with food and what you believe it to be!

When I made the decision to clean my insides it was because I wanted to be able to manifest my goals in life but I also knew that the cleaner I was inside the easier that would be because there would be no impurities between me and my dreams and that includes people. The removal of toxins is the elimination of the interference you have between your manifestations and your the reality of your productivity. Did you know that there is a direct line of communication from your colon to your brain? Which means anything you consume communicates its message to your brain and many times our colons are so unclean that it holds waste for an extended period of time (which gives parasites a reason to stay when passing through our digestive system) most diseases begin in the colon. We create a feeding ground for parasites by being unclean and allow them and other bacteria to fester in our colon and communicate directly with our brains and then wonder why we have an unhealthy relationship with ourselves or any other person, place, or thing.<span class=” apple-converted-space”=””> 


Consuming substances that contain life (fruits, naturally distilled fruit) you add to the living water within you. Your vibration is raised and the more love you are able to express and therefore, you will attract life sustaining and love perpetuating relationships! 

Breath deep

Consume Energy

Drink the purest water (charged by the sun)

Love purely and unconditionally

And the answer will always be yes you will have attract and place yourself in healthy relationships with people(including yourself), places, or things!


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  2. First off I would like to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question in which
    I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.
    I have had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out.
    I do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first
    10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips?
    Thank you!

    1. Clearing your mind is the most difficult thing I think anyone has to do in this world full of distractions! Sounds cliche but take a deep breath in slowly count to 10 the same 10 should be counted when you breathe out as well. Work on mastering this then move to water. Turn off all distractions this is why some writers go away from the world to write. They escape the distractions. Quiet the distractions and indulge in something inspiring and the words will come!

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