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Christina Reminds Me To Take My Own Advice

I had to do this rant because after finding out that I lost one of my best friends I realized what I always knew and that was that you can’t change people nor can you make anyone do just because you want them too. Christina Ann Thompson had been one of my best friends for 10 years and I love her so so much. She has been battling cancer for two years now and that battle ended on July 25th 2018. I don’t think I have ever met a person as sweet and kind as Christina I never could believe that after all this time I never even heard her get angry. That’s wild to me. So in this rant I was sad and frustrated that I couldn’t help my friend. That notion quickly turned in to something that I can use to improve the quality of my life. Giving advice is easy taking advice is difficult and that’s the lesson I learned and the conclusion I was left with was save you help yourself to all the advice you give. I decided that while it is unfortunate that I had to lose a friend I definitely want to honor her life by eating clean, living healthy, and actually following the advice I tried to give to her. Now inside this video I make reference to a few blogs that are on my website and I will be sure to link the particular article below.

Fast Life 6 Day Water Fast

My name is Nikki Brianne and I am a natural hair stylist, serial entrepreneur, and artist. I offer many services such as photography and business building consulting services.
Normally, I am uplifting and encouraging people but sometimes you just have to check yourself and that’s what I am doing here. I will be the change that I want to see in the world.

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