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Over 10 years ago it started with my client and I. My mission was to solve their loc problems while maintaining and caring for them.Throughout this time I have discovered what hair is in the body and how to take care of the hair to give clients exactly what they want. It became our mission to find the answers to questions like the ones you see below. I just had to make that happen in a natural and healthy way. So here I have the results and answers based client studies to profile locs and determine the right herbs to counter the results of hair loss ,dryness, and  breakage of locs

A few things we’re great at

At IAL we have specialized in loc maintenance, loc styling, and herbs to care for locs. Client concerns range from dry damaged locs to making locs grow longer faster. Loc Case Studies takes a closer look at these universal concerns and what we created was an herbal hair care line that addresses the 3 biggest concerns that people who wear locs have. We are taking natural hair science to another level.

What does that mean for you?

This means that you get to take a deeper look at the locs and their progression from different stages and different conditions. We even have a case study on a loc repair job done on a set of loc extensions installed by another stylist! These Loc Case Studies are a must see. Loc Case Studies will answer questions or concerns of loc wearers and get the first look at I Am Locs Herbal Hair Care Line Results!

What we do

The Secret of Success

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Once that concept sinks in you will realize that there are no shortcuts. Just take your time and do it right. I Am Locs has spent many years studying hair and the formulas of herbal treatments that hair responds to the most effectively. 


The most important part of any relationship is listening. 


Always give more in use value. Educating is our passion. Sparking that seed ensures clients future safety and preparedness.

Take Every Step

There are no short cuts. I Am Locs clients receive the same process and missing a step is not acceptable.

Consistent Results

I am Locs consistently produces pristine results, so shall our herbal hair care line carry the same integrity

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Retwist Your Locs With Us!

If you have dry or flaky scalp or just want to hydrate your locs and it’s time for your locs retwist this is the video for you. During these two appointments I provide voice over instructions to hydrate your locs to help reduce breakage in your locs. During the second appointment I give step by step instructions to achieve a neat and clean retwist of your locs. Get a medium length as well as a long locstyle ideas in less than 20 minutes!

Using nature as a guide to achieve optimal health | Dread loc Talk Podcast
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